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Based on the high-level structure of management standards, PREMIER PRODUCTIVE SOLUTIONS (PPS) has developed solution and consulting services appropriate for organizations at any stage of their productive life.



This solution based on high-level structure standards, such as ISO 9001 (requirements against compliance with customer needs) and ISO 9004 (management excellence), presents clear guidelines with tools that allow it to structure and guide the analysis of the company from a financial perspective, markets, processes and learning. A fundamental part of this analysis is to guide the organization in the identification of internal and external determinant factors that impact its performance, in order to define and formulate its course, and to establish objectives that allow it to compete and ensure its sustainability in the market.

Integrated Management System

Developed based on High-Level Structure norms like ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, this solution consists on the structuring an Integrated Management System targeting your business specific needs. Using process based thinking, identifying needs and analyzing client requirements, PPS developed a methodology used to facilitate the control and administration of your business. This technique assures client satisfaction, continuous improvements of your processes and cost effectiveness. The “PPS Integrated Management System”, integrates every system and processes of you business within a specified framework, this allows your business to operate as a whole with unified objectives.

Risk Management

This solution, based on ISO 31000: 2009, is designed for organizations interested in creating and protecting "value". Allowing them to familiarize and implement techniques for risk analysis (ISO / IEC 31010: 2009) and their management. Its implementation leads companies to formulate actions against situations or events that could be "out of their control" and establish action plans to make decisions aimed at improving their operational performance.

Project Managing

In the past years there has been an accelerated increase in the implementation of techniques to manage projects. Under some scenarios and due to its special characteristics, the implementation of these techniques may be ineffective for the small business. Based on ISO 21500:2012 Standard, and the “PMBOK® Guide and Standards”, and keeping in mind the challenge that “Project Management” implies for this organizational sector, PPS developed an effective methodology to structure the administration of projects as requirements come along. This methodology offers a systematic way to plan, control and execute the agreed scope, manage associated risks, and close projects within the established time frame, making effective use of the assigned resources.

Change Management

Solution developed to guide organizations in the use of techniques derived from their own managerial model. Identification of environments and components of variation such as: technology, the fragility of capital, the scenario of competition, the difficulty of adapting talent management to the organization and its objectives, among other are identified as a result. The presence of these elements challenges the organization's leadership to make decisions that create value and ensure its survival in a world in constant change and business evolution.

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